Strange Sounds in the Arctic!

The Deep Ones are here!!!


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My Everyday Carry (EDC) Part 3

This final entry for my everyday carry covers random items that I carry in my backpack. They are always with me when I have my backpack, that also contains the small bag from the previous post.

Part 1

Part 2


Morakniv Heavy Duty Companion 


550 Paracord (20 Feet)


Dice Set, since I’m a nerd


Skullcandy Ink’d Headphones


Small Battery Power Bank


Extra wallet carrying all the little things that I don’t have room for in my regular wallet


Small first aid kit


Kershaw 1350WM


Plasticware (included because it’s very sturdy and easy to keep in reserve)


Camco 51362 Lensatic Compass

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My Everyday Carry (EDC) Part 2

My second entry in the everyday carry series covers a small pouch I put together that holds a lot of items. I carry this pouch in my backpack, and it’s small enough that I can transfer it to another container, or just carry it in a cargo pocket if I want to. I actually want to upgrade this to a slightly bigger pouch to hold a little more stuff, but this is what I started with. The pouch itself is a Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer. You can see below the front and back of the pouch, on the back I’ve affixed the belt clip for the Minimalist Bowie neck knife from my previous post in case I want to change it’s carry style on the fly.

Part 1

Part 3

Next we have the inside view of the pouch, showing how things fit in. It’s got several strips of elastic banding to hold items in place. One of the reasons I want to upgrade is that this pouch is only about 1/2 deep, and the items I have in here stretch it out a bit. This stretch isn’t a problem for the Maxpedition bag, as they are designed to do this, but it makes it a bit hard to store in some instances.


Next I’ll show each item, with links to them if they exist, as some of these are so old I don’t remember where they came from. A lot of the items I carry in this kit are back ups / larger versions of the items I carry every day in my pockets anyway.


Yarn needles, these are great to use as small probes or to hit reset switches on electronic equipment.


Bottle Opener


Leatherman Wingman


Bushnell TRKR T150L Flashlight


Sanrenmu 7010


This is just a binder clip and a couple paper clips, you never know where this might come in hand. Thanks MacGyver!


Small fire steel and striker


Lightweight cordage, 5 feet


Swiss+Tech Utilikey


Gooday Stainless Steel Pocket Pry Bar


Kershaw Ration, note however I took the carabiner off as it was flimsy and it’s easier to fit in the bag without it.


Spare AA Battery, fits either the Infinity light in my previous post or the Bushnell T150L


Nite Ize Power Key Mini-USB Cable


Diamond Pen Knife Sharpener


Zebra F-301 Ball Point Pen, as a back up to my EDC Fisher pen.




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My Everyday Carry (EDC) Part 1

The concept of everyday carry (EDC) is something I’ve gotten interested in a lot more over the last couple years. I’ve always been one to have random stuff in my pockets, knives, tools, whatever. But as of late, I’ve been keeping the same things, chosen carefully, in my pockets to cover most tasks I might come upon during my day. This also includes certain items I am able to carry with me most of the time due to my concealed carry permit. This entry will look at the items in my current EDC rotation.

Part 2

Part 3


Minimalist Bifold Wallet by Guess


Manual Timex Watch Model 58


Leatherman Juice CS4


Ganzo 714


Nite Ize SBP10-03-01BG S-Biner Plastic Size-10


Car Keys and House Keys in KeySmart Extended Key Holder


Vastar Emergency Whistle

Sandisk Cruzer Blade 16GB

Nite Ize SQL2-02-R3 Inova Squeeze Light 


Leatherman Micra


Gerber Infinity Ultra Task Light


CRKT Folts Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife


Fisher Bullet Space Pen


Field Notes Black


Basic BIC Lighter


Regular Burt’s Bees Lip Balm


Samsung Galaxy S4


Cobra .25 Automatic Derringer


Smith and Wesson .38 Special Model 36 Chief’s Special


Brass Knuckles

This list is just a list right now. I might edit this later with my impressions about each item.

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Checking In, Blogs and Life

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve checked in over here on WordPress. I actually forgot I had this blog. I may begin using it again for some things, we’ll see how that goes. I know I want to start keeping a better track of my mind, and a blog appears to be a way to get all those disparate parts of me in one place.  So we’ll just have to see where this stuff goes.

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